29% of Singles Who Visited Psychics Told They Will Find True Love in 2022

Updated: Mar 08, 2022


We wanted to find out how many people go to see a psychic in order to learn about their romantic prospects, and what their psychics believe is on the horizon for their relationships. We surveyed 1,000 Americans who have had a psychic reading to see which topics they’re most likely to ask their psychics about, what their goals are for the new year, and how much they’re willing to spend to find out.

Survey Results:

  • 29% of singles who have seen a psychic were told they would find true love in 2022
  • However, one-third of singles were actually told they’d keep their single status
  • Psychic-goers who have spent the most money are the most interested in romance

29% of Singles Told True Love is on the Horizon in 2022

After another long winter marred by a new COVID wave, people are ready to get back in the dating game. And, according to psychics, this year will be a successful one for those seeking long-term romance. 29% of our single survey respondents (defined as those not currently in a committed relationship) say that their psychic told them they would find true love in 2022. 49% of respondents also said that they were told they would at least find romantic relationships this year.

Though the majority of psychic-goers have good romantic prospects this year, a third of respondents were actually told they would remain single in 2022. Galentine’s Day it is!

Finding a Romantic Partner is the #1 Goal for Recent Psychic-Goers

Survey respondents who went to see a psychic within the past month may have V-Day on the brain. When asked what their number one goal was for this year, the largest group of respondents (27%) said that it was finding a romantic partner. However, the larger population of psychic-goers is more focused on practical matters, with finding a romantic partner ranking third on their list of priorities for 2022. Improving their finances and physical/mental health were the top answers for all survey respondents respectively.

Psychic-Goers Who Have Spent the Most Money Are the Most Interested in Romance

Of the survey respondents who have spent $800 or more on psychic readings, learning about their romantic future is their first priority. It makes sense, considering that 61% of this group says that they are currently not dating anyone and 49% fully believe in the information they get from their psychics. They say that money can’t buy happiness but more than half of this group (52%) have been told that romance is in the cards for them this year, so for them, it could turn out to be money well spent.

As always, love and romance hold a strong allure for humans, as shown by the number of survey respondents who are willing to spend a notable amount of money to learn more about their romantic prospects. According to the survey results, this Valentine’s Day could be the start of true love for many psychic-goers!


This survey was commissioned by PsychicReading.com and conducted online by the survey platform Pollfish between January 25 and January 26, 2022. In total, 1,000 participants in the U.S. were surveyed. All participants had to pass through screening questions to ensure they had received a psychic reading. The majority of questions were subsequently answered by 600 respondents identifying as single, defined here as not currently in a committed relationship. Please contact [email protected] for the full survey results.