Written by: Grace Duong - Published: Apr 29, 2022


We use numbers every day for practical purposes, such as keeping track of the time, checking on the temperature outside, and paying bills. But there’s also a spiritual side to numbers — people often talk about lucky numbers, angel numbers, and even bad omens. Numerology has more to tell us about numbers and their mystical meanings. We’ll get you up to speed on what numerology is, how it’s used, and what your numbers can tell you about yourself.

What is Numerology?

In the same way we assign meaning and utility to letters in an alphabet, numbers also have  meaning outside of their numerical value. Numerology is the study and interpretation of numbers associated with people, their lives, and how they relate to the world around them. It’s another type of divinitory tool used to enhance practices like astrology, tarot, and other psychic readings.

Numerology 1

The term “numerology” has only been around for about 100 years, but there is recorded evidence of these types of numerical practices: the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, Japanese, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans. Pythagoras, the renowned Greek philosopher and mathematician, is an influential figure of modern-day numerology. He modeled a unique system of assigning letters to each of the single-digit numbers, which has given people a way to assign names and words their own number and subsequent meaning. Many other numerology practices have been developed since the days of Pythagoras, such as calculating and analyzing karmic numbers, personality numbers, etc.

One key element of numerology is the distillation and reduction of numbers down to what is called a root number, which can be any of the single-digit numbers one to nine. According to modern numerology, every person can be assigned a number based on their date of birth. This number is called the “life path number.”  

How to calculate your Life Path Number

Your Life Path Number tells a story about who you are, your purpose, and how you experience life. Similar to figuring out what your sun sign is, all you need to discover your Life Path Number is your birthday. You’ll be adding up all the numbers within your birthday and reducing them down through addition to a single digit. Grab a pencil and paper to write out all of your math and keep track of your calculations. Let’s do one together so you can learn how to figure out your own:

How to calculate your Life Path Number
One First, start with your birthday in number format: 06/10/1992
Two The numbers of the month (06) are reduced first: 0 + 6 = 6
Three Then, the numbers of the day (10) are reduced: 1 + 0 = 1
Four Next we need to reduce the year (1992): 1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 21
Five Because 21 is not a single-digit number, we reduce again: 2 + 1 = 3
Six Finally, we add up the month, day, and year numbers: 6 + 1 + 3 = 10.
Seven Reduce 10 to a single digit: 1 + 0 = 1.
Eight The Life Path Number for this birth date is 1.

What are Master Numbers?

When performing numerology, the usual goal is to get numbers down to a single digit, but there are three double-digit numbers that hold a special significance within the practice. The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are considered the Master Numbers in numerology. When you come across one of these numbers, don’t continue to reduce them. They are said to hold great power, bringing both strength and challenges (of course, most people will not have a master number, and it should be noted that they have significant strengths and challenges as well). 

Master Number 11

The first and root number of all Master Numbers is 11. Number 11 is the creative visionary who can easily see beyond the physical. Qualities associated with this double digit include:

Master Number 11
One Intuitive
Two Empathic
Three Clairvoyant
Four Intelligent
Five Sensitive

Master Number 22

The second of the three Master Numbers is 22. The number 22 is thought of as the builder, or someone who has the ability to bring a visionary idea to life. Characteristics of this number include:

Master Number 22
One Confident
Two Objective
Three Practical
Four Planner
Five Achiever

Master Number 33

The final Master Number is 33. The number 33 is seen as the teacher, delivering knowledge to the world through their wisdom and guidance. The following traits are associated with this number:

Master Number 33
One Emotional
Two Influential
Three Healer
Four Spiritual
Five Compassionate

What are Destiny Numbers?

Destiny Numbers are determined through the use of arithmancy. What is arithmancy? It’s a divinatory tool that assigns numerical value to letters. Similar to a Life Path Number, a Destiny Number can tell us more about our inner workings, specifically how we express ourselves and show up in the world. Using the chart below, we’ll demonstrate how to find your Destiny Number with the example name Mary Ann Doe:

What are Destiny Numbers?
One Start with your full birth name: Mary Anne Doe
Two First, find the numbers associated with each letter of your name and add them together.
Three Mary (M = 4, A = 1, R = 9, Y = 7)
Four 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 = 21
Five Anne (A = 1, N = 5, N = 5, E = 5)
Six 1 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 16
Seven Doe (D = 4, O = 6, E = 5)
Eight 4 + 6 + 5 = 15
Nine Each of our answers are double digits, so we’ll reduce those next.
Ten 2 + 1 = 3, 1 + 6 = 7, 1 + 5 = 6
Eleven Add up each of those answers.
Twelve 3 + 7 + 6 = 16
Thirteen Reduce your answer once more.
Fourteen 1 + 6 = 7
Fifteen The destiny number for Mary Anne Doe is 7.
Arithmancy Chart
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

What Do Your Numbers Say About You?

When ancient arithmancers began ascribing mystical meanings to numbers, they started out using their own intuitive process: the number 1 is linked to creation, whereas 2 represents duality; even numbers are feminine while odd are masculine. Over the years, people continued to find symbolism within numbers and, while not everyone agrees on each number’s exact definition, a general consensus has been reached among numerologists. Now that you know what your Life Path and Destiny numbers are, let’s dive into what they mean and what they can tell you. 

Number 1

People with the Number 1 as their Life Path or Destiny Number are natural, self-sufficient leaders who aren’t afraid to stand alone. They set their goals and go after what they want. If anything stands in their way, they use their creative innovation to overcome obstacles. They will need to practice patience and planning to balance their tendency to jump into their next big project without much forethought.

Attributes of the Number 1:
One Pioneer
Two Independent
Three Spontaneous
Four Self-indulgent
Five Careless
Six Arrogant

Number 2

People with a Life Path or Destiny Number 2 possess balance, harmony, and receptivity. Their intuitive nature enables them to bring people together and mediate difficult situations because they see the validity in each side. However, the sensitivity of a Number 2 can leave them feeling easily wounded, and they can tend toward passivity and indecisiveness. Self-care and a focus on inner harmony will be key to keeping their own lives in balance.

Attributes of the Number 2:
One Cooperative
Two Supportive
Three Empathetic
Four Sensitive
Five Timid
Six Indecisive

Number 3

Individuals with Number 3 as their Destiny or Life Path Number are masters of creativity, especially when it comes to other people’s enjoyment. Bursting with energy and imaginative ideas, they are able to use their vibrant communication skills to build up a creative community around them. Their childlike demeanor can lead to unfocused hyperactivity and avoidance of more serious and difficult situations. Learning to harness their intensity will help them focus on the less exciting responsibilities of life.

Attributes of the Number 3:
One Imaginative
Two Creative
Three Sociable
Four Naive
Five Distracted
Six Disorganized

Number 4

If 4 is your Life Path or Destiny Number, efficient hard work and discipline is the name of your game. Loyalty to a cause or the people in your life make you the kind of person who will always be there. A Number 4 likes to show they care through acts of service and good work ethic. They can tend toward being dogmatic and even strict in their stubbornness, so it would help to take a moment to consider other perspectives in times of conflict.

Attributes of the Number 4:
One Trustworthy
Two Devoted
Three Practical
Four Stubborn
Five Stern
Six Tense

Number 5

A Number 5 Destiny or Life Path Number is someone who is adventurous, free-spirited, and desires a life full of excitement. Their curiosity and adaptability allows them to go with the flow and let their inquisitiveness guide them. A Number 5 doesn’t like to be bored and desires their freedom, which can lead to a lack of commitment. They should make time to be in the present and practice content in the moment, focusing their zeal for life into creating just a bit of structure.

Attributes of the Number 5:
One Extroverted
Two Curious
Three Lively
Four Unreliable
Five Evasive
Six Reckless

Number 6

For those with 6 as a Destiny or Life Path Number, it’s about expressing love and support to the people in their lives. Always thinking of others and how they feel, the Number 6 is protective of their loved ones and works to maintain their relationships. Their romantic ways can lead to an idealistic view of the world and people, so it’s important for them to get grounded at times. 

Attributes of the Number 6:
One Warmhearted
Two Protective
Three Romantic
Four Passive
Five Unrealistic
Six Self-conscious

Number 7

People with 7 as their Life Path or Destiny Number are on a quest for the deep wisdom of life. Their spiritual journey is more about learning as much as they can about ancient and secret knowledge and less about an emotional connection. Their voracious appetite to learn more can lead to reclusivity and withdrawal from their social life, so balance is key.

Attributes of the Number 7:
One Spiritual
Two Insightful
Three Cerebral
Four Skeptical
Five Enigmatic
Six Reclusive

Number 8

If you have a Life Path or Destiny Number 8, you are all about reaching goals and achieving greatness. The number 8 is one of balance. Those who have this number want to feel that what they give out is returned to them because it gives them a sense of reciprocity and balance to their life. Their ambitious nature is one of their strongest traits, but can lead to feelings of entitlement and resentment if they don’t feel they’re getting what they deserve. 

Attributes of the Number 8:
One Dedicated
Two Achiever
Three Fierce
Four Domineering
Five Materialistic
Six Entitled

Number 9

Individuals with 9 as their Destiny or Life Path Number are wise beyond their years and empower others through guidance and teaching. They are the ones who have earned a strong, compassionate heart through their own difficult life experiences, which enables them to show great empathy. Their care for others can put them in a place of sacrificing too much of their own time and resources, however, so they would do well to listen to their own wisdom and make time to care for themselves.

Attributes of the Number 8:
One Tolerant
Two Wise
Three Attentive
Four Self-sacrificial
Five Bitter
Six Cynical

How to Book a Numerology Reading

There are many online platforms available that make it easy to book a numerology reading. Some of these platforms, such as Kasamba and Oranum, even have a section of their site that’s dedicated solely to numerology readers. Just keep in mind that the cost of these readings is usually determined by the length of the chat, so you can save money by calculating any number you want to analyze (life path number, karmic number, etc.) before you actually start communicating with your psychic.