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PsychicReading.com knows that many people at various stages in their life want clarity about their future, especially with so much uncertainty in the world. Psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants offer their unique abilities to guide people towards clarity through psychic readings. These sessions provide insight and can be invaluable when preparing for the best and worst situations that may arise throughout your life.


But, finding an accurate, authentic psychic practitioner can be a challenge. At PsychicReading.com, we’re natural skeptics that do the research to ensure consumers are connected with the best online psychic experience. Our goal is to help consumers understand what psychic readings offer, the limitations of the services provided, and that they’re protected from fraud.

Our Mission


Demystify Psychic Readings

Your spiritual journey is a personal one. We believe that anyone from the curious to true believers should have a clear understanding of psychic practitioners and their abilities before seeking their guidance. This is why we did the research to craft comprehensive guides on topics ranging from the types of psychic readings to a breakdown of costs to the difference between psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, and tarot readers. Our content is expert reviewed, so you can rest assured that the information is accurate.


Avoid Fraud & Scams

Not every psychic out there should be believed — psychic scams that prey on the trusting exist, and often they steal hundreds if not thousands of dollars from their victims. We don’t want anyone to become a victim of psychic fraud. We set out to uncover the truth behind these scams to arm consumers with what they should know before consulting a psychic, including the warning signs to look out for and what to do if you fall victim of psychic fraud.

Our Approach


Hands-on Research

We’re natural skeptics and believe it’s important to do due diligence before trying any service that parts you with your money. This is especially true for such personal services like psychic readings that can influence your life and help guide your choices. Our team spends hours researching each topic to make sure we’re providing you with the most up-to-date, accurate information to make informed decisions.


Expert Consultation

We know it’s not enough to just rely on thorough research — it’s important to go straight to the source as well. We interview industry experts from psychic practioners to tarot readers to make sure that not only is our information accurate, but that we’re providing the right context as well. In addition, all content is expert reviewed before we publish by a Ph.D in metaphysical parapsychology.

Meet the Team

  • Dr. Sam Youssef Headshot
    Dr. Sam Youssef Ph.D., M.Sc. – LinkedIn
    Dr. Sam Youssef Ph.D., M.Sc. – LinkedIn

    Dr. Sam Youssef is currently the founder and director of Healing Light Therapy Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His areas of expertise include spiritual counseling psychology, cognitive psychology, metaphysical parapsychology, holistic physical therapy, natural health consultations, and general counseling services to adult patients who are looking for an integrated approach to psychosomatic treatment. He is an author of nine books published in the Middle East in the field of psychology, natural therapies, parapsychology, energy medicine, and philosophy.

    He has been recognized by the Center of Excellence Academy in England in 2021 with The Career Achievement Award, and was also awarded the Outstanding Therapist Award by the same academy. Dr. Youssef was awarded the Clinician of the Year Award in 2018 by the board of directors of Gentiva Health Care in Indiana/USA.

    He earned a Doctor of Philosophy Degree with emphasis on Pastoral Counseling Psychology from Sedona University in Arizona. He also earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Metaphysical Parapsychology from the same university, a Master of Science Degree with emphasis on Neurological Rehabilitation from Rosalind Franklin University of Health Sciences / The Chicago Medical School. Currently, he is pursuing a second Doctor of Philosophy degree in General Psychology with emphasis in Cognition and Instructions from Grand Canyon University. In 2022, Dr. Youssef also published a book titled Spirituality & Psychology.

  • Grace Duong
    Grace Duong Intuitive Coach, Tarot Reader – LinkedIn
    Grace Duong Intuitive Coach, Tarot Reader – LinkedIn

    Grace Duong is the artist, author, and founder of Mystic Mondays, a modern and vibrant tarot deck and app turned brand on a mission to empower people to discover their inner magic.

    Her path started in 2012 after she moved to Los Angeles for a job out of college and lost it shortly after. This loss led her on a journey of healing — she booked a session with an energy healer as it was cheaper than therapy and began seeking out tarot readings as a source of therapeutic relief. After some time, she realized she was seeking externally for answers through tarot that continually focused her inward to access her innate wisdom. This motivated her to create her own tarot deck infused with her style of vibrant colors and modern, geometric shapes.

    Grace launched a Kickstarter in 2017 for the Mystic Mondays tarot deck and app, which was successfully funded for almost $26,000. After experiencing a setback with shipping and damaged decks, she emailed Chronicle Books and within two weeks received an offer for publication. The Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck was released October 2018 and has sold over 200,000 copies. Grace’s healing journey then took her home to Philadelphia where she became an Intuitive Coach, integrating tarot reading, Reiki Master training, and other healing modalities for spiritually inclined entrepreneurs looking to up level their business with alignment, wisdom, and wellness. She continues to release new updates to the Mystic Mondays app and is continuing to create tarot decks. The Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck published in 2020, and the Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck published in 2021 with Running Press / Hachette.


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In the News

The use of psychics rises during the pandemic – Fear and uncertainty have caused a rise in people turning to psychics for answers — especially online psychic marketplaces. But, it may be hiding a darker trend of people not seeking mental health professionals.

Stripe updates policy that discriminates against psychic services – Wired published an article fall of 2021 reporting on Stripe’s terms of service that prohibited metaphysical businesses to run on its platform. It’s updated that policy as of December 2021.

Former astrologer opens up about the industry – An interesting behind-the-scenes look from a former astrologer. She reveals how it works and why she had to stop practicing.

Press Releases

The U.S. DOJ shuts down fraudulent psychic mail scheme – The Department of Justice ended a scheme where the alleged scammers stole more than $1.4 million from tens of thousands of victims without delivery promised benefits.

Psychic scam on popular social media app – Scammers are impersonating popular psychics and astrologers on Instagram. While the app has become a powerful tool for practitioners to market themselves, most don’t directly solicit work from their followers, which is the crux of the scam.

BBB Scam Alert – The Better Business Bureau released a scam alert for no-show psychics on social media. The scam works by forcing consumers to pay for booked appointments upfront, then not showing up for the appointment. When a refund is requested, the consumer is blocked.