Best Psychic Reading in Austin, Texas of 2024

Best Psychic Reading in Austin, Texas of 2024

To select the top 15 psychic readers in Austin, we looked at all 68 psychic readers in the area, including an in-depth review of each provider’s service offerings, areas of speciality, pricing structure, and business practices.

Best Psychic Reading in Austin, Texas of 2024

Our Selection Criteria

Our goal is to connect people with the best local psychic readings. We analyzed every psychic reader in the area and rated them based on 25 different variables to pick the best psychic reading in Austin.

  • shape-1 68
    Psychics Reviewed
  • shape-1 25
    Criteria Analyzed
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    Top Picks
  • 1. Customer Satisfaction

    A track record of satisfied customers and generous policies.

  • 2. Service Offerings

    Provides multiple types of psychic readings and areas of speciality.

  • 3. Location

    Close-by location for maximum convenience with your in-person readings.

  • 4. Professionalism

    Known for having reputable, reliable business practices that protect your privacy.

The 15 Best Psychic Reading Providers in Austin, TX

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Ashtara Sasha White

Austin, TX

Ashtara Sasha White is a master lightworker, speaker, mystic, healer, prophet, intuitive, mystic, and channel. She offers private sessions using all of her gifts in psychic and medical readings with instant healings. She has given private sessions at various conventions and special events throughout the Austin area. She typically conducts sessions daily from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Ashtara only does phone sessions at this time.  ...Read More

Austin Mediums

Austin, TX

Austin Mediums is made up of two friends and colleagues with intuitive capacities for invoking spirits and delivering messages, all done with bases in empowerment, passion, and integrity. Sara is a military veteran with years of experience accessing the spirit world. Janice's abilities in precognition have helped inform paranormal teams. They offer readings, séances, medium readings, tarot and oracle readings, chakra clearing, and many other services. They accept cash, all major credit cards, and PayPal.  ...Read More

Austin Psychic Readings by Victoria

2205 Riddle Road Austin, TX 78748 

A very well-known psychic in Austin, Victoria specializes in a variety of deep and advanced services, including spiritual cleansing, chakra balancing, dream analysis, and tarot card, psychic, and palm readings. Victoria helps transform confusion into clarity by addressing all aspects of the human experience. She puts clients on the path to genuine illumination. Victoria also does parties and events, and readings are available by appointment. ...Read More

Austin Tarot Reader

1212 Newport Avenue Austin, TX 78753

Austin Tarot Card Reader integrates tarot card readings, energy work, spells, and hypnosis into a complete service. Daxiel uses his skills as a certified hypnotist, Reiki master, and energy healer to bring clients to self-rejection, self-acceptance, self-discovery, all through the lens of non judgment. He offers crystal sound baths as well to create a deep, resonant experience for his clients. Daxiel will respond to emails and calls within 24 hours.  ...Read More

Badass Mystic

1110 West William Cannon, #404 Austin, TX 78745

Nichelle at Badass Mystic is a master Reiki practitioner and offers a plethora of services. These include chakra healing, meditation, prayer, creative visualization, and other talents to align her clients with positive frequencies. Badass Mystic is open on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  ...Read More


Austin, TX

ChosenEyes is a doctor, psychic, and educator with a passion for bringing her clients to states of fulfillment and even enlightenment. Featured in Oprah magazine, ChosenEyes is an experienced witch and offers teaching and mentoring services, public speaking, tarot and clairvoyant readings, and corporate sessions. She only engages in remote readings at this time through Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, or phone.  ...Read More

Gary Wimmer

7209 Whispering Oaks Drive Austin, TX 78745

Gary Wimmer is an incredibly diverse psychic and fine artist, having experience and knowledge in music, writing, and film. One of his particularly unique specializations is in lithomancy, the art of reading stones. A psychic of over 40 years, Gary offers refined services in pure intuition, tarot card readings, and lithomancy. He has been professionally tested for accuracy many times and earned thousands of positive reviews from clients. In-person or phone readings are by appointment. ...Read More

Megan Skye Messier

3499 Ranch Road 620 S, Apt. 2312 Austin, TX 78738

Megan Skye Messier specializes in helping clients communicate with loved ones on the other side. Having been sensitive to the spirit world since early childhood, Megan receives intuition and guidance to care for people on both sides. In addition to private and group readings and sessions, she also offers courses on mediumship and angels. She offers phone, in-person, Skype, and FaceTime readings. She accepts phone calls between 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  ...Read More

Mystic Insights

Penny Lane Austin, TX 78757

Neko at Mystic Insights uses the connections between people and the environment to be a guide for her clients' growth and flow. A lightworker, healer, and universal messenger, Neko covers areas such as career and finances, love, health, and talents. Neko offers readings, spirit connections, palmistry, pet intuition, tarot card readings, numerology, and dream interpretations. Neko engages in email, phone, or in-person readings/sessions. She accepts cash and all major credit cards.  ...Read More

Psychic Olisha

Austin, TX

With over 45 years of experience as a psychic in the Austin area, Olisha helps clients in spiritual distress find answers. Her services include chakra balancing, crystal cleansing, and custom love spells. She is known for removing negative energy and encouraging the flow of the positive. In addition to private, confidential sessions, she is available for parties and other group events. Olisha accepts all major credit cards, and appointments are held daily by request. ...Read More

Pure Soul Alchemy

312 W. Stassney Lane Austin, TX 78745

Pure Soul Alchemy distinguishes itself from other psychics by offering "psychic surgery for the soul." Gabriella specializes in the art of the collaborative process of transformation. At Pure Soul Alchemy, Gabriella challenges clients to work through limiting beliefs and conditioning, addressing career crossroads, relationships, finances, and reinvigoration. Pure Soul Alchemy also offers a host of YouTube sessions. Gabriella also does group sessions. Appointments are available by request. ...Read More

Readings By Ryka

Austin, TX

Ryka facilitates discussions about personal identity and relationships with others. These include sexual orientation and gender identity, family concerns, emotional issues, and psychic development. She specializes in readings of the Akashic Records, a compendium of the knowledge of all humanity at all times. To read them takes finesse and great skill, and Ryka provides these readings for the purposes of empowerment and transformation. Ryka currently offers phone sessions only.  ...Read More

T. St. Croi

3004 S 1st Street Austin, TX 78704

T. St. Croi specializes in multiple spiritual modalities based on her gifts of creative expression, intuition, and guidance. She offers services to help empower her clients to realize their gifts and their destinies. From readings and courses to business consultations and parties, Tracy is a medium, intuitive, and psychic of the highest order. She also provides remapping services that help rid clients of limiting beliefs. She offers in-person, Zoom, and phone sessions by appointment. ...Read More

Tarot Time

8120 Research Blvd ste 105-114, Austin, TX 78758

Lonestar's Tarot Time offers highly specialized tarot readings for both individuals and groups, including providing services at parties and other entertainment events. Also offered in Spanish, her sessions consist of a comfortable and confidential tarot reading to allow the "river of time" to flow. A witch with a degree, magna cum laude, in psychoanalytic theory from the University of Texas Austin, she believes in empowering her clients through knowledge, wisdom, practice, and insight.  ...Read More

Tiffany Powers Healing

13785 Research Boulevard, Suite 125 Austin, TX 78750

Tiffany Powers is a highly prominent psychic and intuitive who has worked with clients (including those in government and the medical field) around the world. She is a medium, a healer, a lightworker, and an astrologer and offers intuitive readings for people and pets, relationship coaching, and healing for groups. At this time, they only offer remote appointments. Tiffany Powers Healing is open Monday – Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ...Read More