Aura Readings: How to Read Auras

Grace Duong Headshot Contributing expert: Grace Duong - Updated: Mar 24, 2022


If you’ve ever worn a mood ring, you know that the ring is supposed to change colors depending on how you’re feeling. Blue for sad, red for angry, pink for happy, and so on. Although that’s not exactly how your aura works, it’s a simple illustration of the general idea. The energy around you manifests through different colors based on your unique personality and whatever you’re feeling in the moment. Each color has a corresponding meaning and can tell you about yourself. We’ll guide you through understanding auras, what their different colors mean, and how to discover your own.

What is an Aura?

When a person walks into a room, there’s something unique about them that radiates and creates ripples in the environment. Depending on their facial expressions and body language, they send messages to other people in the room that can be described as a vibe or feeling. One person can light up a room with a large joyful smile, while another can put a damper on conversation with a pouty and down demeanor. An aura is a visual representation of this phenomenon.

An aura is described as an electromagnetic energy field surrounding each individual that can be sensed and seen as colors around them. The different layers and colors of auras have been connected to the seven chakras of the ancient Indian sacred texts, the Vedas. Each layer and color hold their own meaning within the chakra system. Someone’s aura can change depending on their environment, who they’re with, and how they’re feeling emotionally.

Aura layers

Each layer sits on top of the other, surrounding the person like the layers of an onion. These layers are linked to the seven different chakras found within the Vedas — the largest body of religious texts in Hinduism. Each layer holds its own meaning and, depending on its color, provides information about a person.

Aura layers
Etheric Connected to the root chakra, the etheric layer represents the energy related to the physical body. This layer sits closest to the body and is said to be easy to see with the naked eye. Its color can relay information on the state of your physical health and wellbeing.
Emotional The emotional layer corresponds to the sacral chakra and sits on top of the etheric layer. It holds all feelings, emotions, and sensitivities. This layer is in constant fluctuation depending on your mood and emotional state. 
Mental The third layer of someone’s aura is the mental layer. Connected to the solar plexus chakra, this layer’s color is determined by your thoughts and how you process things mentally. It is said to be most prominent when engaging your mind and participating in mental tasks.
Astral The heart chakra is connected to the astra layer. It’s said to be the connection between the physical and spiritual realms. The astral layer correlates to your self-expression and how you give and receive love to the people around you.
Etheric template The etheric template layer connects to the throat chakra. This layer holds the blueprint of the physical body and appears to look like your body within a photographic negative. It’s said that this layer contains the shapes and forms that exist within the physical realm.
Celestial Connected to the third eye chakra, the celestial layer marks the beginning of your spiritual connection. This layer provides a connection to universal love and spiritual enlightenment. Described as a candle glow, the celestial layer is where people experience a connection with the universe.
Spiritual With its connection to the crown chakra, the spiritual layer protects all the layers that come before it. It’s said to contain the plans and purpose for your life within the cosmos and maintain harmony within your other layers.

Aura colors

The colors that appear within someone’s aura all hold a meaning within them. Below we’ve provided a list of the common colors seen within auras. This is a list of general characteristic correspondences for each color:

Aura colors
Red Courageous, determined, passionate, grounded, energetic, strong-willed
Orange Confident, adventurous, thoughtful, independent, considerate, ambitious
Yellow Logical, friendly, versatile, optimistic, cheerful, enthusiastic, open-minded
Green Nurturing, harmonious, supportive, soothing, balanced, compassionate, social
Blue Intuitive, loyal, calm, creative, moody, empathetic, spiritual, expressive, freethinker
Indigo Curious, intuitive, gentle, imaginative, clairvoyant, peacemaker, artistic
Violet Wise, noble, visionary, magical, intellectual, mystical, spiritual, leadership

How Does an Aura Reading Work?

Aura Hero Image

If you want to know what your aura looks like, you have a few options. You can go to someone in person to have your aura read. These readings are often done by psychics who have their own storefronts or work in local shops. Prices are most often set at a flat rate anywhere from $50 to $200 for an hour-long aura reading. 

Another form of in-person aura reading is through aura photography. This can be a more affordable option for those who don’t want or need a full psychic analysis. The photographer uses a special polaroid-like camera and metal plates to capture the electromagnetic energy coming off of a person’s body. This technology is able to translate the person’s energy into a halo of colors surrounding them. Depending on the practitioner, aura technology can also be shot on a webcam. Aura photographs range from about $20 to $80 per photograph.

Online aura readings are also available for people who don’t have anyone nearby or would rather go the virtual route. Most of the large psychic websites have practitioners who offer aura readings as part of their services. Readings done online are usually priced at a per-minute rate ranging anywhere from $1.00 to $15.00 per minute. 

There are also aura reading apps available too, but Grace Duong, intuitive coach and tarot reader, says it’s questionable how authentic these are as the readings are generated by the app and not metal plates. 

Can you read your own aura?

While hiring an intuitive aura reader is one way to go, you can actually attempt to read your own aura. One technique involves placing your hand on or in front of a surface with a white or other neutral color background. You then spread your fingers and focus your gaze on a space between two of your fingers. The goal is to not focus directly on your body or the outline of it, but to use your peripheral vision to discern the colors emanating off of it. If you focus directly on the outside edge of your finger you won’t see any color. It’s by averting your gaze slightly and using your peripheral vision that you should start to see a color or colors outlining your hand.

You can even download mobile apps that claim to be able to capture your aura through your smartphone camera. For the Aurla app, you hold your finger on a specific spot on the screen while it reads your aura and generates a photo. The pictures will show flares and clouds of colors around you, and the app can help you interpret your aura’s meaning. These apps are often based on a subscription or one-time charge for each picture.

How Do You Cleanse Your Aura?

As we mentioned earlier, your aura is the electromagnetic field surrounding you. This field can pick up outside energy that influences your mood and makes you feel great, but can also hold on to energy that drags you down. When you’re feeling off or like you’ve picked up something from a person or environment you don’t want to keep around, you can cleanse your aura. Here are a few cleansing techniques you can try:

How to Cleanse Your Aura
Take time to meditate Blocking out your surroundings to focus on yourself for a little while is a great way to feel grounded. It’s a time to check in with how you’re feeling, identify why, and choose to release whatever you don’t wish to hold onto anymore. Visualizing yourself being cleansed of all the energy that isn’t yours or that you want to let go of can be a powerful cleansing tool.
Get in tune with your breath You can use breathwork along with meditation to consciously bring more oxygen into your body, helping to slow down your thoughts and center yourself. With the active inhale and exhale of your breath, you can visualize exhaling and releasing whatever may be affecting or blocking you and your energy.
Take a bath Bring your cleansing to a literal, physical level by taking a bath. Bathing your body with the intention of washing away the energies, thoughts, or feelings that are troubling you can be a powerful ritual. Epsom salts, music, candles, and essential oils with cleansing properties can set the mood and enhance a cleansing bath.
Do some energy work People who have been certified in energy healing can sense and work with the energy of others. They’ve learned how to identify blockages or imbalances and how to help their clients heal and work through these. Energy workers who practice things like Reiki will offer energy cleansing services to systematically work through any negative energy you may be harboring.

Find Aura Readings Near You

A simple internet search of “aura readings near me” will provide you with leads on where to find someone to read your aura in person. Chances are you’ll be more likely to find someone in a larger metropolitan area within a psychic storefront or metaphysical shop.As we mentioned above, there are also psychic websites you can look to for aura readings. Be sure to do your research on whoever you’re wanting to work with before making any purchases.  Check out our guide to finding the best online psychic reading where we cover what to look for and how to avoid scams.