Best Psychic Readings in Santa Monica, California of 2024

Best Psychic Readings in Santa Monica, California of 2024

To select the top 15 psychic readers in Santa Monica, we looked at all 196 psychic readers in the area, including an in-depth review of each provider’s service offerings, areas of speciality, pricing structure, and business practices.

Best Psychic Readings in Santa Monica, California of 2024

Our Selection Criteria

Our goal is to connect people with the best local psychic readings. We analyzed every psychic reader in the area and rated them based on 25 different variables to pick the best psychic reading in Santa Monica.

  • shape-1 196
    Psychics Reviewed
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    Criteria Analyzed
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    Top Picks
  • 1. Customer Satisfaction

    A track record of satisfied customers and generous policies.

  • 2. Service Offerings

    Provides multiple types of psychic readings and areas of speciality.

  • 3. Location

    Close-by location for maximum convenience with your in-person readings.

  • 4. Professionalism

    Known for having reputable, reliable business practices that protect your privacy.

The 15 Best Psychic Reading Providers in Santa Monica, CA

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Angel Dawn

Los Angeles, CA 90025

Angel Dawn is a skilled professional offering psychic, mediumship, astrology, and healing services. She creates a soul-to-soul connection with her clients through the 45-minute psychic intuitive readings to generate new insights surrounding careers, family, finances, relationships, and health. She also clarifies any disturbing questions customers may have. Individuals can book appointments online, and Angel conducts online audio zoom psychic sessions. The business operates on weekdays between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. ...Read More

Judy Hevenly

11955 Missouri Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90025

Judy Hevenly is an intuitive and psychic expert who works with people living in Santa Monica and international customers. She uses natural clairvoyant, mystic, and healing strategies to conduct psychic readings. The readings help clients find answers to burning questions surrounding soul mates, money issues, past life events, and career opportunities. Judy interprets clients' dreams and removes stumbling blocks to success. Judy Heavenly is open any day of the week between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. ...Read More

Marina del Rey Psychic

750 Washington Boulevard Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Marina del Rey Psychic is operated by Doreen, a spiritual healer and psychic who helps individuals in Santa Monica transform their negative energies. She informs clients of their past, present, and future events surrounding family, careers, marriage, and love. Doreen also uses palm and tarot readings to help clients comprehend difficult life situations. She can also use twin flame psychic readings to help individuals in twin flame relationships find solutions to confusion and pain in their union. ...Read More

Marybeth Murphy

1223 Wilshire Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90403

Marybeth Murphy conducts readings to help individuals identify solutions to issues that keep them from achieving their life goals. Murphy uses angelic and mediumship readings to guide clients on their current and future life paths. She can also use the readings to communicate with loved ones who have joined the spirit world. Customers can also request guided past life regression and general hypnosis services. They can schedule 30-, 45-, and 60-minute readings through Marybeth Murphy's website. ...Read More

Miss Stevens Psychic

14434 Ventura Boulevard, #200 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Miss Stevens Psychic is managed by Miss Stevens, a fifth-generation psychic who has practiced for over 30 years. She helps customers deal with any issues in their careers, relationships, and lives using psychic readings. Each psychic session can take between 15 and 60 minutes, and customers can contact Stevens via the website or call to book an appointment. Miss Stevens Psychic also provides chakra, tarot, palm, and clairvoyant reading services. Customers can also request Reiki services. ...Read More

Psychic Annie Shaw

608 Strand Street Santa Monica, CA 90405

Psychic Annie Shaw offers physic reading services to help individuals prevent negative energies from affecting their lives. She conducts tarot card readings at her home in Santa Monica. Customers can also request astrology, tarot cards, and intuitive spiritual healer readings. Psychic Annie Shaw is open for business between 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday through Sunday and from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. during weekends. ...Read More

Psychic Meditation Studio

9701 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90035

The psychic advisor at Psychic Meditation Studio, Priscilla Moreno, utilizes extrasensory perception (ESP) skills to find information hidden in the usual senses. She also uses palm reading tactics to help customers identify basic facts about themselves surrounding matters such as marriage, life, sex, money, and health. Tarot card reading services are also available to individuals seeking to get insights regarding past, present, and future life events. Psychic Meditation Studio also offers spiritual love and Egyptian sand reading services. ...Read More

Psychic Medium Troy

PO Box 3338 Santa Monica, CA 90403-9998

Psychic Medium Troy offers private office and in-person home psychic reading services to people living in Santa Monica, CA. The company owner, Troy Griffin, utilizes his intuitive skills to answer questions from clients at group or event meetings. He can also use criminal intuitive skills to help clients such as justice authorities seeking evidence on unsolvable cases surrounding missing persons. A specialist also conducts business readings and coaching to help new and existing businesses grow. ...Read More

Psychic Reader of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

The owner of Psychic Reader of Los Angeles has used psychic reading tactics to advise individuals on issues surrounding all life aspects for over 35 years. The 20-minute psychic and 30-minute tarot readings she uses help clients get information about past, present, and future issues surrounding their businesses, marriages, success, courtship, health, and friendships. 10-minute palm reading and 30-minute soulmate reading sessions are also available. Individuals facing emotional or spiritual pain can request energy healing services. ...Read More

Psychic Spiritual Readings By Catalina Life Coach

11914 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90025

Psychic Spiritual Readings By Catalina Life Coach has offered psychic reading solutions in Santa Monica since 1977. Its professionals use psychic reading techniques that help individuals solve serious life problems or make their parties more fascinating. Additional services include life coaching and aura cleansing as well as tarot, spiritual, and palm readings. The company is open on an appointment basis every day between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. ...Read More


1323 North Olive Drive West Hollywood, CA 90069

PsychicGirl is owned by Jusstine Kay, a professional who has offered psychic reading services for over 30 years. She offers readings via phone, and her sessions take 45 to 60 minutes. Also, she has the skills to notice energy on a spiritual level and uses the findings to explain to her customers how the energy affects them in their physical world. Jusstine conducts 15-minute sessions to help individuals heal from previously ruined relationships. ...Read More

Santa Monica's Psychic Boutique

2717 Main Street Santa Monica, CA 90405

Santa Monica's Psychic Boutique is managed by Tabitha, who has offered psychic reading services since she was 13 years old. She requests her customers to bring unique items, including jewelry and glasses, and uses them to conduct psychic readings. She can also conduct readings on absent individuals if clients present items owned by the people. She also uses palm, angel card, crystal energy, and combination readings to give guidance and clarity on life issues. ...Read More

Susan Schueler - Psychic Medium & Spiritual Advisor

Santa Monica, CA 90405

Susan Schueler - Psychic Medium & Spiritual Advisor offers group, party, and one-on-one psychic readings to people living in and around Santa Monica. Susan, the founder, conducts 30- and 50-minute psychic readings via Zoom or phone calls. Sessions help clients identify solutions to problematic past, present, and future life events. Susan can also link individuals with the spirit world through the combo psychic/mediumship reading sessions. Customers can book sessions online through the website. ...Read More

Visions By Anna

1705 Pico Boulevard, #355 Santa Monica, CA 90405

Visions By Anna provides psychic reading services to individuals, parties, groups, and events in the Santa Monica area. She uses psychic insights and tarot readings to eliminate negative energy in customers' personal and professional life. Clients can achieve happier and healthier lives, increase prosperity, and improve their loving relationships through the readings. Anna conducts private in-person sessions between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on an appointment basis. ...Read More

Yana's Spiritual Chakra Center

2201 S Bundy Drive Los Angeles, CA 90064

Yana's Spiritual Chakra Center is operated by Yana, a psychic healer who has provided spiritual advice for over 47 years. She uses the readings to help customers get answers to career choices, business decisions, and monetary problems. The expert can also help clients achieve their heartfelt desires surrounding romance and love issues. She can also use tarot readings to cleanse individuals and help them achieve peace and prosperity. Chakra and aura cleansing services are also available. ...Read More